Do not be fooled by recent communications from shadowy Las Vegas PAC, Strategic Horizons! It has spent $250,000 on a Republican-led voter initiative and is lying about local Democrats. Check out these articles explaining the deceit and the PAC’s connections to Republican candidates.

For CCEA, Democrats are bad because they’re Republicans, but Republicans are good

Nasty flyers. Untrue flyers. Political flyers. Sent by a group called Strategic Horizons. Which is related to and fully funded by the Clark County Education Association. Of course, CCEA actually does support Trump Republicans. They have endorsed Jeff Stone, a former California Republican who actually worked in the Trump administration. Stone is running in Republican Keith Pickard’s old district, SD20, in Henderson. Pickard was endorsed by CCEA in 2018 and ended up defeating Democrat Julie Pazina by 24 votes. View the full article.

Free from donation limits, PACs pour millions into governor’s race, ballot questions

The Clark County Education Association, the largest teachers union in the state, made an eye-catching $3 million contribution to its Strategic Horizons PAC, which was set up in mid-2020. Strategic Horizons contributed $250,000 to the group backing the open primary, ranked-choice voting ballot initiative, making CCEA one of the effort’s largest Nevada-based contributors. The ballot initiative is contracting with Advanced Micro Targeting, a prominent signature-collection and campaign firm that worked with CCEA on their past initiative petitions. View the full article.

Reports show teacher’s union backed tax proposals flush with cash, amendment initiatives less so

Advanced Micro Targeting, a political consulting firm run by Michael Roberson, a Republican and the former Nevada Senate majority leader. View the full article.

Clark County teacher's union backs Roberson in lieutenant governor bid

The Clark County Education Association is backing Republican Michael Roberson in his run for lieutenant governor, citing him as a “strong ally” for education. View the full article.

Despite flip-flop on mining tax, teachers union says no regret of Pickard endorsement

The Clark County Education Association is standing by its oft-criticized 2018 endorsement of the Republican state senator whose about-face on a proposal to raise taxes on the mining industry resulted in a failure to raise $50 million revenue for education during an unprecedented budget shortfall. Pickard won that election by only 24 votes, and ever since, he and CCEA have been labeled the reason Democrats don’t have the two-thirds supermajority needed to raise revenue. View the full article.

State teachers union implicitly rebukes Clark County union on minimum wage

Four days after the Clark County Education Association released an ad taking an oblique shot at Democratic leaders for emphasizing the minimum wage over education funding, the state teachers union has emphatically disagreed.

The public discord once again highlights very different agendas between the two unions, with CCEA boss John Vellardita known to be close to GOP Senate Leader Michael Roberson while the NSEA traditionally has backed Democrats. View the full article.